Report  from June 1 2009 to date.


In August 2009 an application for Fetac Quality Assurance was made by Process Work Ireland. The application was refused in early 2010 but encouragement was given to submit again having included the suggested recommendations. It is a work in progress.


1 Grant Received

In October 2009 Grundtvig Grant of €22.000 to process work Ireland was approved by Leargas – the funding body for Grundtvig in Ireland –to cover the period August 1, 2009 to July 31 2011. The money given was lodged into a Process Oriented Psychology Ireland bank account. A portion of the grant will be awarded after the final report on the administration of the grant has been received by Leasgas.

2. Mobilities

To date we have completed 24 mobility’s.

 4 people attended a seminar in London given by Max and Ellen Schubach. The four people who travelled from Ireland were partially funded by Grundtvig grant mobility referred to above.

A number of people were to be funded to travel to a seminar given by Arny and Amy in London in April 2010. The seminar was cancelled due to the ash cloud.

In IJune 2010. 5 people travelled to Poland for seminar give by Jean Claud and Arlene Audergon.

In April 2011. 13 people travelled to London for seminar give by Arny and Amy Mindell .

It is expected that 4 people will travel to Slovakia in June for seminar given by Jean Claude and Arlene Audergon.

3. Seminars funded by Grundtvig Grant.

At a one day revisioning seminar of students and Diplomats, facilitated by Brid Cummins and James Parrin, in December 2009, a decision was made to host an Open Forum on the Church in Ireland. There were weekly meetings in preparation for the open forum in early 2010.

A one day Seminar on the Topic of Leadership and Teamwork was presented by Ger Halpin and Grace Walsh in March 2010.

A one day workshop to prepare for issues that might arise at the Open Forum was presented in March 2010 by Brid Cummins and Eileen Moore.

A mock Open Forum was held in April 2010, facilitated by Brid Cummins Grace Walsh and Ted Bourke these were the agreed facilitators of the Open Forum to be Held in May 2010.

The Open Forum was held in May 2010 and was well attended. On the previous day, Brid Cummin and Grace Walsh facilitated a workshop to further prepare for the open Forum. Supervision for the Facilitation team was provided by Joe Goodbread.

In January 2011 a weekend work shop was facilitated by Jill Brierily and Sara Hollway.  The topic was Leadership.

In March 2011 a weekend workshop was facilitated by Ger Halpin and Eileen Moore topic was Rank Power and Privilege in the field of community development using a process work model approach.

We are holding an Open forum on Suicide in Ireland on 28th May in Mullingar which is in the midlands and outside Dublin.  We have already had a mock Open Forum two weeks ago which was very well attended

In June 2011 it is expected to run another seminar on Group work facilitated by Wanda Scarff.

Diploma Training

At a conference call meeting between trainers and students in November, it was agreed that James Parrin, Ted Bourke and Grace Walsh would take final exams in October 2010. This was successfully completed. Congratulations to all.


A new web site was launched in March 2010. Thanks to all who contributed but especially James.

Grundtvig Meeting.

We attended a Grundtvig meeting when we were in Poland with partners from the UK Slovakia and Poland

We had a Grundtvig meeting in Dublin in November with people attending from the UK and Poland.

We also attended two Grundtvig  meetings when we were in London.


“Being able to run workshops free of charge was really important because it gave people who might be experiencing financial difficulties an opportunity to get some training in process work”

“I appreciated getting mobility as I was able to travel to London and avail of the latest thinking on Process Work and apply it in the here and now. I am delighted too that we are able to avail of funding for the Open Forum on Suicide. I’m hoping that it will benefit many who wouldn’t be able to come if there was money involved.”

“I really appreciated the financial support without which I wouldn’t have been able to attend two seminars. I went to in the UK and Poland”.

“I also felt very appreciative of the chance to meet people whether old friends from training or Process Workers from other countries or Ireland”.

“Also at this stage in spite of a bit of a dip in the middle, I’m feeling the satisfaction of having worked on the project and the positive plans we have for the future”.

“Lastly a real plus for me was seeing us Irish new and not so new Dips. Teach during the seminars, I really value the opportunity to teach myself also in June”

I can also resonate with all of the above. Just to add. We Hosted a Grundtvig meeting in Dublin with our friends from the UK and Poland travelling to Ireland. This was very special in terms of support for the partnership and also for ongoing relationship building.

Travelling to Poland was a real highlight for me and also a challenge in terms of not knowing the language. However having the common bond of Process Work it felt like there was no language barrier at times.

Evaluations from workshops.

This is a brief summary from evaluations.

“Loved it – loved interaction of process work with community development. A new venture very worthwhile”

“I hope to be able to make it more real in my own life. The more I use process work theory the more I become more congruent in my own life”.

“Any seminars that would explore process work in the therapeutic context would be very welcome”.

“The atmosphere that the facilitators created allowed for a diversity of concerns, interests and issues explored in the group”.

“Thanks to the funders and organisers for a rare and so worthwhile and energising learning opportunity”

“Further exploration building on the theme of power would be useful for community work. Power is not talked about or engaged with as it needs to be so more please”.

“Marrying of the inner and outer work is so essential as is the need for congruence and power understandings”.

“The exercise on power and rank and discussion in small groups was excellent”.